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Wayne Harris
                           -  London
Managing Director 
Wayne hails from Yorkshire and has been practising a combination of Qi Gong, Yoga, and Chen Style Ti Chi since 2008. Paul Caird (Yogi) and John Ferguson (Aikido Master) of Queens Park have been Wayne’s principle instructors along with the true master teacher - nature. Wayne’s love of internal calmness has blossomed with the understanding of ​M​editation, ​I​nternal power, and G​uided imagery.  This subtle combination of mind and body techniques makes Wayne’s style of training uniquely fruitful. 

Rosemarie Cousins
                           -  London
The Cancer Prevention Goddess
For more than 10 years Rosemarie Cousins has been an advocate for natural health and has given talks in the UK, United States and Canada educating the public about the important role that good nutrition plays in restoring and maintaining good health.  With the steady increase in cancer diagnosis and the glaring lack of cancer prevention education, she now runs seminars to teach the general public how they can eliminate the the risk of developing cancer as she believes that virtually all cancers are preventable.  In her workshop she delivers some shocking truths and reveals information that is hidden from the general public. 


                           -  London
Therapy Manager
Abi-Kristos is a qualified physiotherapist with experience in a variety of settings working in both the NHS and the private health care setting. He has experience working in a neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal setting providing client tailored assessments and treatment for clients of all ages.Abi-Kristos has worked with a variety of neurological patients providing rehabilitation for those with chronic stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis to name a few. Whilst working with neurological patients he has specialised in neurological rehabilitation providing Gait (walking) rehabilitation, balance training and task specific training. He has also worked with patient with severe neuromusculoskeletal disabilities such as spasticity providing comprehensive postural assessments, wheelchair and bed positioning guidelines to clients to maintain optimal posture and prevent secondary compilations such as pressure sores.Currently Abi-Kristos is one of the driving forces of Neter Vital and his current role is Therapy Manager. He currently runs a company PhysioFriend which operates within Neter vital and the local community. 

Vasco Stevenson
                           -  London
Health Practitioner
Vasco Stevenson got involved in health matters over 15 years ago and have been on several local radio stations including Galaxy (several times), SLR(several times), Station FM, RJR, Supreme,  Tropical FM, Croydon Radio, Venture, One Harmony and Genesis and Colourful Radio. He also had a small part in a documentary that was aired on ITV in October 2013 where he was filmed undergoing a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test. He has been on Ben TV in 2011 and 2013 and in August 2012 was on BBC Radio (Prostate), a programme that was aired nationally. He also in the Executive Committee of The Association for Prostate Awareness based at the Barking Road Hub (Formerly the African Caribbean Centre).

Alison Henry
                           -  London
Nutritional Healing, Natural Remedies and Wellness Expert
Our Holistic Healthcare practitioner, Alison Henry, has trained extensively for years to specialize in a wide range of health services that we offer such as blood analysis, weight loss and QMR testing.
Based in Harley Street, London, Alison works directly with clients and provides them with a first class service.  She teaches her patients how to implement holistic practices for longevity, and diligently designs bespoke healing packages and premium products for a broad range of health challenges. As a Healthcare professional, she is totally dedicated to the health of clients making sure sound advice and guidance is available every step of the way. Now, Alison is an Ambassador for Asthma UK, she had has conducted numerous talks to the public on Health and Lifestyle topics to educate the public and spread awareness about nutrition as an alternative health solution. As an NH4U client, your health will become Alison’s priority, she will work to help you achieve the optimum quality of health that you deserve.